USB Connectivity

With data transfer rates of 10Gb/s, USB continues to be the dominant in-room wired cabling solution. Utilizing fiber optics, OEIC’s AOCs support the latest USB 3.1 Gen 2 standards to provide 10 Gb/s data transfer on a single cable with the ability to plug-and-play to existing electrical connectors. Popular USB applications include AR/VR, cameras for conference rooms and machine vision, storage, and other computer peripherals. Many 4K and enterprise applications require data transmission over longer distances, beyond the typical one-to-three meters that copper links provide. OEIC’s USB cables combine the control and power of a copper cable with the high-speed data transfer of fiber optics to support distances up to 15 meters. While Type-A connections continue to lead the way in USB connectivity, USB-C is growing in its rate of adoption. OEIC is taking the technology behind its USB Type-A AOCs and adapting it to support other USB connection types for a full product family of USB AOCs that includes Type A, Type B, USB Mini and USB-C.


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