Our Capabilities

We love a challenge!

Our engineering teams collaborate with our customers on each project, so no matter what technical, operational and even commercial challenges you face, Our can develop a solution for you!

Our engineering teams have built a solid reputation with our customers, partnering them every step of the way from concept and design to prototype and final production, in order to full your custom requirements.

Our Engineering brings a broad array of innovative technology and solutions to support the growth for Information, Communications and Commercial electronics markets, signal integrity performance, and power management. As technology advances and applications become more demanding the key differentiator between suppliers will be their capabilities and performance.

The best thing is - we have a manufacturing integrated with technology developed by our engineering team.

Please send in your custom requirements to our engineers. You think it, we make it.


Fiber based Active Optical Cable (AOC) is one of the best solutions to full the rigorous requirements intended for multi-lane communication and interconnectivity for high speed, high capacity, and high signal integrity applications.

OEIC provides value-added precision cable sub-assembly for fiber based AOCs. A reliable on-board sub-assembly in AOC plays extraordinary key role in securing the AOC performance and its signal integrity.

From fiber insertion, fiber cleaving, polishing to testing, all cable sub-assemblies are made in accordance with customers' unique structural design under stringent control procedures.

Fully customizable advanced fiber assemblies solutions

  • Each customized AOC sub-assemblies are made to order with customer specified length and optical performance

Support unique design of different AOC inner structure

  • Allows design flexibility for multi-land communications

Stringent process controls ensure unsurpassed mating

  • Accurate length tolerance up to micron meter (μm)level

Unprecedented support for on-board fiber connection

  • Stringent process control securing the AOC performance and its signal integrity

Extremely low profile interconnect solution

  • Unique designed and manufacture process made according to customer designed AOC structure

Die Bonding

We are only as good as what motivates us. Below are our points of difference defined within these Core Values.

Die Bonder:

+ Model: MAT6200

+ Work Area: up to 6” x 6”

+ Die size range: 0.006” to over 2”

+ Die Material: GaAs, Si, Glass, etc

+ Substrates: Lead Frames, Ceramic, Silicon Wafers, PCB’s, Metal, TO cans, etc

+ Pickup/Bond Force: 40 to 9,000 grams

+ Placement Accuracy: better than ±3 µm

+ Application dependent

Wire Bonding

Wire Bonder:

+ Model: TPT- HB100

+ Bond from Die to Die, Die to Metal, Die to PCB

+ Wedge and Ball Bonding with One Head

+ Linear Motor Axis System

+ Deep and Wide Bond Access with large Working Area

+ Bond wire from 17 µm to 75 µm

+ Dual Camera System

+ Pattern Recognition option

Bond Testing

Bond Tester, Wire Pull Test

+ Model: XYZ TEC

Laser Fiber Cleaving

Laser cleaving system

+ Model: LC1000

+ End-surface Angel: 0-8 degree

Auto Optical Alignment

Auto Alignment System

+ With Hexapod from PI

+ Vision system develop by OEIC