Our Promises

o  BEST of productivity and competitive prices.

o  BEST of technologies, timeliness and flexibility.

o  BEST vertical process integration offering the BEST manufacturing and assembling, as well as complete products.

o  BEST quality and accuracy at ± 3µm bonding and still BEST competitive prices for this exceptional level of accuracy.

o  BEST and most stable manpower in the industry with qualified employees incorporating BEST high-level management practices.

o  BEST DOC (data-collection) software to control production by OEIC.

o  BEST ERP software to inventory turnover ratio by ORACLE.

o  BEST delivery with 99,7% on-time and BEST warranty.

o  BEST technologies and production capacity yet BEST in adaptation even for small quantities.

Our Commitment


To be the premier Active Optical Cable Manufacturing provider that exceeds customers' manufacturing expectations through continuous improvement, delivering quality products on time, on budget, and to specifications.

Core Values

We are only as good as what motivates us. Below are our points of difference defined within these Core Values.


Build True Partnerships with Our Customers: Provide a win-win situation by establishing a strong solid foundation built on innovation, steadfastness, and knowledge to grow and sustain ideal business relations.

Work Ethic

Integrity, Ethics, and Honesty: Commit to providing accurate information at all times to each other, to our customers, and to our suppliers.


Respect for Each Other: Accept the dignity and worth of every individual and act accordingly. Embrace and recognize the strength that comes from diversity of thought, experience, feelings, and perspectives.


Responsiveness and Accountability: As individuals and as a team take action to keep the flow of communication open to customers, suppliers, and co-workers. Take personal responsibility to uphold and achieve personal, departmental, and company’s goals and objectives.